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Falling Off the World...updates on this thing called life
Unattended Children

I seem to be doing that a lot recently. Don't know why. I've been mighty quiet in general...more so than usual. I've also had less access to a computer. My desktop has the tempermant of a bipolar patient. Working one second and then completely frazzling the next. I don't get it. And I don't have my own laptop which makes things difficult since I've been away (you know...not sitting on my arse at home).

I haven't gotten around to doing much writing apart from school things but it's not so bad. Been writing in this journal I got in the beginning of the school year for english class. That's right! Paper! I've been writing on paper! About my life! And my dreams! Good god I'm going mad! But ummm...yes.

Gonna babysit tonight. Those are my New Years plans. Not too bad I guess. What else was I going to do with my time. Sit awake and wait for the world to come of age...and yes I mean the Ball Drop. Anyone else think that's an awkward tradition. I feel bad for the people in Time Square. It's snowing here so I'm confident it's snowing there. While I was away a friend of mine was tracking the weather (and showing me weather humor. 100% chance of something happening. Ha...ok). Knew it was coming. I know what that big, red blotch on the screen means! I'm no idiot!!!

Also! I bought 2 Who albums yesterday. Not ones you see too much Either. Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy which is just a compilation of songs I already have but I love that name and the album cover is epic. Creeper WHO! Anyway...also bought The Who Sings My Generation which I just love because...well, because.

Also I watched A Clockwork Orange on Demand and I liked it. I really did. A little light watching. Actually...in all honesty I've seen movies more graphic both sexually and violence like than Clockwork. It almost disturbs me a bit. I've SEEN worse things...

Oh and while I was away CHRISTMAS HAPPENED!(my 18th birthday too but that was anticlimatic so....) Got boots, a red coat, a bid stuffed bear, candy, pajamas, other stuff, $200, and a $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble!!!! Which I used online ^^ I'm pleased with my purchases which will arive...eventually. They don't ship until the 4th which is lame. Ah well, I can wait.

Watching The Twilight Zone...

I should write something or edit something for you guys since you've just had to deal with my boring life. If I don't put up something I wrote up next after this you can shank me with rusty plastic spoon. It'll be for my own good.

I found my CD of the regular and expanded versions...I installed them on my computer again. Can't. Stop. Playing.... Also, BIRTHDAY TOMORROW. Gonna go see Avatar with my buddy and lounge around...after going to the chiropractor. Is gonna be a good day. Also...Hatter icon of doom made by Khasch

Not Quite Dead Yet
Knife Wrench

I haven't really touched my computer much recently which I suppose is a good thing. Though I feel bad because I'm getting behind on reading journals and keeping up with general deviantart stuff. BUT this does not mean I have not been up to stuff. I still have stories that are developing in the bear trap that is my mind. And I've been drawing more :3

I blame this story we read in english. There's a creeper-tastic character named "Arnold Friend"...well that's what he says his name is. But anyway...he's in his 30s, kinda short, Wears reflective glasses, has a sidekick named Ellie, Drives a gold painted jalopy with his name on it, and his first line is "I'm gonna get you, baby." to Connie who is the 15 year old he's all creeper-tastic about. He's a freak and a pedo but for some reason I love him. He's more amusing than normal people. Also, there's a real shock in this story...HE WINS. That's right! The creep wins for once. That NEVER happens. It made me laugh but then have to cover it up because the man's a creeper monkey in his thirties who's stalks a 15 year old...then again Connie is a self-centered, naive, girl so the hell with her...

ALSO! I watched part one of Alice on SyFy. I LOVE Hatter because he's absolutely adorable. :3 Also...when Tim Curry was around I was all OMG CURRY <3

But anyways...I decorated the tree on saturday which was awesome because it started to snow which was awesome. My buddy Marlena and i watched a moie called Waking Life which is all philsophical and junk. Made my head hurt and it made me think. I liked it. It was also a really funny coincidence because my graphic arts teacher had mentioned that movie on Friday to me specifically. It's animated...well animated over life action. Look..it's hard to explain but awesome. I also watched The Birdcage whicch is the American version of La Cage Aux Folles which I watched in French class. It was fun to see differences and similarities.

I stood about at the live nativity at church because I was dragged there...well there were live animals and some friends were there and I stole some of my friends giant loaf of sour dough bread. Also, got hot chocolate. Good times...and then I got pizza. FUN.

So yeah...it's been good.

Peace, Love, Pete Townshend, and Hatter

it's a hatter! --> <--Found it on DA


I finished 1, count 'em ONE! More story. Aren't you proud? But anyways...more Broadway Kevin fun because I think I'm the only person who writes Broadway Tommy, let alone Broadway Cousin Kevin, fanfiction. Thus! It is my hope that I actually write good ones. But anyway...ON WITH IT!!! Also! There's making out but no sex for yous because I can't write that stuff worth a rat's ass. Hell, I even avoided it as much as I could in this even though it's kind of important...whatever.

Title: A Slip
Pairing: Ummm...not so much a pairing as SEX PLEASE.
Rating: PG-13 for mildly sexual stuff...well, it's definitely sexual but it's not much so...blah whatever.
Plot: Kevster has himself an adventure of the sexual kind :D Will he be successful?

Like a wolf would stalk its prey, so Kevin would stalk the crowd, searching for his own variety of prey. This was a ritual that the guard was used to, having done it many nights before. The man would pick out the most desperate of his cousin, Tommy’s, groupies and use their desperation to his advantage. He could tell the weak ones by how they sat in their chairs and how they watched Tommy perform. Kevin had witnessed it enough times and could pick girls out with skill, and it was one of his favorite games. Many of these girls were so incredibly desperate that they would kill for the chance to have any connection to the Pinball Wizard, and Kevin could provide just that. Being a cousin as well as a head guard counted as a connection didn’t it? When Kevin thought about it he could never see himself actually committing himself to any of these girls long term and that suited him just fine. Besides, he knew these girls’ hearts were really with Tommy and not with the guard, but still, sex was sex after all and he tried not to let the thought bother him. Besides, this game wasn’t about feelings. It was about the prize at the end of the night.

Kevin moved through the crowd skillfully, walking past people without so much as bumping shoulders. Dark brown eyes scanning the crowd. His eyes fell on one girl who fit into the mold that Kevin was using for his purposes. She was at the end of her seat, and her eyes were focused on the stage as if there was some string holding her head in place. After assessing the girl for the proper amount of desperation, Kevin began to assess actual looks. She was a brunette, not too tall, not too short, and picture perfect for Kevin’s plans. An almost predatory smile came on his face as he took the empty seat next to the girl. Its occupant had left for the restroom but a second earlier. He tapped the girl on the shoulder, but she did not turn around.

Not to be put off so easily, Kevin leaned closer to the girl and said rather loudly in her ear, “Excuse me miss, I couldn’t help noticing how intently you were watching my cousin.” The girl turned her head reluctantly from the stage.

“Oh, yes…well, I…” she began, squinting a bit to get a good look at the man who was addressing her. It was darker down in the seats than gazing up at the stage. As her eyes adjusted to the change they widened in surprise. “OH MY GOD!” she exclaimed! It took a lot of self control for Kevin to hold back a laugh. “You’re Tommy’s cousin! The guard! Kevin! Oh wow! I’m so sorry. I can’t believe this!” Kevin actually laughed now. He’d been right in his prediction. This girl, whoever she was, was one of the more obsessed of Tommy’s fans. She knew who Kevin was for one thing. She absolutely reeked of desperation, and Kevin loved it.

Grinning, he tried to sound as modest as he could, saying, “I’m nothin’ special. Just another guard.”

“But you’re not! You’re not just another guard!” the girl seemed to gush. “You know Tommy! You’re his COUSIN! I can’t believe I’m meeting you!” Kevin couldn’t get a word in edgewise with this girl. He didn’t really mind though. Her chatter was funny enough for now. “My name’s Jess,” the girl finally blurted out.

“And you already know my name,” Kevin grinned, preparing to move in for the kill. “You know…” he began, reciting the little speech he’d used so many times before. “I’d really love it if I could see you after the show. Show you around back stage perhaps.” Jess’s eyes grew wide with surprise, but Kevin could also see a bit of interest. There was still a good chance that this would work. “I’d love to have someone to talk to. It’s awful lonely being on the road all the time...You’d like to keep me company wouldn’t you?” He put on as pathetic a face as his features would allow. Jess seemed to be contemplating this. Kevin could tell she knew all that his request entailed. God knows he did. Feeling slightly impatient Kevin quickly added what he was sure would help the girl make up her mind. “And who knows…we might even see Tommy.”

Those must have been the magic words because immediately Jess’s head was nodding frantically, the enthusiasm and excitement back on her face. “Oh yes! I mean…of course I will.”

“Good,” Kevin replied, sounding overly confident. He leaned over so he could whisper in the girl’s ear, “I look forward to it.” In the light of the stage he could see Jess’s face turn red in a blush. She turned to the blonde next to her, and Kevin took that as his cue to get up. He didn’t need to here her blabbering on about what had just happened to her friend. He’d heard it more than enough times anyway. In fact he could probably reenact it if he really wanted to. He didn’t want to.

Kevin waited patiently for the show to end, standing on the edge of the crowd looking as imposing and intimidating as his job required. Every so often he’d cast a glance over in Jess’s direction to make sure she was still there. If she wasn’t there he would have to go find another girl. Easy enough, but a pain now that he was looking forward to a specific girl. Finally, people started to trickle out as the show concluded, excitement still tangible in the air, and Kevin spied Jess sitting, nervously, in her seat. He made his way over to her, tapping her on the shoulder as he had earlier.

“What? Thought I’d forgotten you?” the guard laughed. Jess shook her head no, but looking clearly relieved. Kevin offered her his hand and helped her up out of her seat. “Let the tour begin.” He showed her all around the stage, and back stage, pointing out every last thing, playing to role of tour guide perfectly. Tommy was no where to be found. Probably off doing some interview, Kevin figured. Some of the crew looked up at the two, Kevin and Jess, as they passed and could only shake their heads. They knew of the head guard’s antics, but had given up on trying to get him to stop long ago.

Noticing this Jess asked, “What’s up with them?”

“Probably just jealous is all,” Kevin lied, coating his voice with a flattering tone. “Any of them would kill to have a lovely girl such as yourself hanging around with them.” Jess blushed even redder than before, holding on tighter to the man’s hand. Kevin could feel ultimate victory at his “game” drawing near.

Eventually the pair arrived at a door, leading to an actor’s vacant room. Kevin opened the door, holding it open for Jess like any true gentleman would, and followed after, locking the door behind him. The predatory look came back onto his face as he eyed the girl who had taken a seat on a couch that was in the room. He took a seat beside her, removing his guard cap. Kevin momentarily fussed with his hair which always looked funny after wearing the ridiculous hat for any period of time. “Sorry I couldn’t get you to see Tommy,” he sighed, putting on his best show to date.

“Oh no, it’s alright,” Jess smiled. “That was fun.”

“That’s good,” Kevin replied. “I’ve been a real gentleman haven’t I?”

“Yes, you certainly have…” Jess said, suddenly looking down at her feet as if something really interesting was on them.

“I think I deserve a little something for my efforts…” the guard grinned, pulling Jess close to him and using his free hand to take the girl’s chin and turn her face to his, though gently as not to frighten or hurt her. His brown eyes met her hazel ones and he could see no resistance in those eyes, and he kissed her. Jess kissed back and moved closer to the guard.

Hands had minds of their own and groped and tugged at and clothing they found, working impatiently and clumsily to remove it. Jess moaned as Kevin’s more skilled, practiced, hand moved sensuously down her back. Kevin’s instincts had put him on auto-pilot as his hips grinded in sync with Jess’s. A victorious smirk crossed his face as he found the girl’s sweet spot, just below her collarbone on the left, which caused her to moan in the most satisfying fashion.

Jess’s moans grew louder as Kevin fondled her breasts, and it made her want to call out…and she did.

“Mmmm…” It started as a soft moan but then formed into a name. “Oh….Tommy!” Jess blurted out not even realizing what she’d said. Kevin instantly froze, instincts overcome with a sudden, new, feeling. Resentment. He was well aware that he wasn’t exactly one of these girls’ ultimate fantasies on these adventures of his but to hear it spoken aloud made his skin crawl. He didn’t move until he heard the girl’s voice come again. “Something wrong?” Jess asked, still unaware of her slip.

“No, my girl…” Kevin replied, continuing where he left off and speaking between kisses. “But I do think our time is up,” he continued flatly, placing a kiss on Jess’s neck.

Finally, understanding what had happened the girl shook her head, hair messed up by wandering hands falling in front of her face. “Oh no…I didn’t mean that. I just-“

“I know, I know,” the guard interrupted, wrapping his arms around Jess’s waist, holding on tightly. “Don’t you worry.” He made his voice as comforting as he could.

“Then…you’re not mad?” Kevin shook his head “no”, but began to stand up, still holding Jess up to him as he headed for the door. “Huh? What are you doing?” The brunette asked, eyes widening in surprise and squirming unsuccessfully to release herself from the man's hold.

“Why….I’m showing you the way out,” the guard stated dryly, as he used one hand to unlock the door while the other restrained Jess.

“Oh no! Don’t do that! I’m sorry! I really am! Can’t we just try again?” the girl pleaded.

Kevin turned his head away from the door and stared at the girl. Though his face was stoic, his brown eyes were brimming with anger. A crooked smile worked its way onto his face as he brought it close to Jess’s. “So sorry,” he said, voice filled with fake remorse, and tilting his head ever so slightly as if he was going to kiss the girl ,but as his lips brushed hers his face became stony again, and all the remorse completely leaving any part of him. The anger was no longer veiled in his voice as he concluded, “But, no.”

Moving quicker than Jess thought possible he opened the door, dropped her flat on her rump, and closed the door with an angry slam. Leaving her there to sit on the cold back stage floor in her undies. Staring up at the door confused and speechless as the stagehands just shook their heads and sighed.

Oh...on a completely different note...


that is all.

Jason OC meme
Knife Wrench
A Little Shop of Horrors OC I made up named Jason. Created him as a gag at first but I decided he had potential and I'm trying to flesh him out. Also...because LSoH needs luff.

Jason is the son of Audrey and Orin and his life is based off the film ending. Seymor's acting as his dad along with the boy and girl he has with Audrey. Audrey hasn't told Jason that Seymour isn't his father, but Jason is getting a little suspicious. That's where the conflict comes in. For one thing, Jay looks a hell of a lot like Orin, except for his eyes which are totally Audrey's, and he's suspecting that his looks aren't from a skipped generation. (like say your grandparents had a trait that you're parent didn't but you do. it's genetics-y stuff. I love genetics...) But anyway, might type a little dribble of a story on him.

Don't worry. I've checked him to make sure he stays low on the sue-o-meter

1. What is your character's name?
Jason Krelborn, but he's often called Jay.

2. What is your character's name in another language?
Jason originates from Greek and it means healer.

3. How old is he/she?
15. His birthday is May 6, 1963

4. What is your character's race/species?
Human, Homo Sapien Sapien

5. Do they have a crush?
Not really. He's kind of awkward around girls his age.

6. Do they have many friends?
You could say that. He knows a lot of people, but he's not the most popular of kids but he's not a social outcast. He has a select group of close friends.

7. What planet is your character from?
Earth. The Happy planet.

8. Does your character like to eat?
It really depends. He doesn't eat a lot of big meals but he snacks a lot.

9. What's his/her favorite food?
Chex Mix, the home made kind. yum!

10. What's his/her favorite drink?
Lemonade or just good ol' H2O

11. Is your character annoying?
I'd hope not, but that is for others to decide.

13. Is your character loved?
Of course. His mother loves him, and his younger siblings adore him. Seymour loves him too. You don't have to be a biological parent to love a child you know.

14. Is your character hated?
Not sure. I know not everyone LOVES him but then again, hate is a very strong word.

15. Is she/he emo/goth?
Oh GAWD no.

16. Is she/he straight, bisexual, or gay?
Straight as far as I know. Dunno really, Jay might be keeping things from me, the curious thing.

17. Is she/he a virgin?
It's a seeeeeeeeeecret

18. Name 3 hobbies:
1) Running Track, he's a sprinter. He's pretty damn good at it too.
2) Taking things apart. He likes to find out how things work...it's gotten him into trouble. Especially when his "victims" are the TV dials and his dad's lawn mower.
3) Watching comedies. The boy just loves comedies. Old ones. New ones. Classics. Anything comedy!

19. Is your character normal?
I s'pose so.

20. Is your character attractive?
It really depends on your definition of attractive. He's got brown hair, blue eyes, a lean but not weak build, hair kept fairly short, 5'7" which is fairly average height if not rather short. Just a typical teenager I guess.

21. How does your character handle emotions?
Jay's actually very level headed a decent amount of the time. However, when he is really pushed he has one hell of a nasty temper. He's gotten violent before and it takes a good amount of man power or a calming touch or voice to get him off of that rage. These episodes are few and far between though. When he's upset about something he really draws into himself and analyzes. He's big on thinking about what he's feeling. Jay isn't really one to talk about his feelings. Only to his brother and sister really. He feels like he can tell them anything.

22. Does your character have other forms?
Not that I know of. I mean...he's only a human. Nothing terribly special.

23. Does your character overreact?
Only when that temper of his flares. Other than that, like I mentioned earlier he's fairly level headed.

24. Is your character a criminal?
Nah, he's a good boy. Steals a pencil or something from time to time but nothing too serious.

25. Does your character go to school?
Yep, the local high school. He really enjoys any kind of history, particularly U.S. History. That is his strongest subject.

26. What's his/her IQ?
The average is 100 so...106? Which is just around average.

27. Does your character have a disease/curse?
Not that I'm aware of. Seasonal allergies don't really count unless they were severe or something, but they're not.

28. Is your character dead?
No. No, he is not.

29. Does your character have a family?
Yes, he lives with his mother, step-father, and two younger half-brother and sister who are twins. They also have a springer spaniel named Hopper.

30. Has he/she encountered any tragic times in life?
Tragic? Not really. I'd tell you something distressing and possibly tragic but I don't want to tell you what happens in mah story ideas.

31. What's the best time in your character's life?
Probably when he's running track. It gives him quite a rush. That and talking to his siblings, Susan and Connor.

32. If you could name 1 friend, which would you relate to your character?
Actually...I didn't intend on this but he's a bit like me in his mannerisms. But the person I'd say I know that is most like him is my friend Tim...minus the temper thing.

33. Is your character single?
Yes, and he plans on staying that way until further notice. He's not really a ladies man.

34. Has he/she developed any relationships?
Of course. Hes only human.

35. Does he/she have an element?

36. Do you roleplay your character?
Not yet, but who knows. Probably going to stick with writing about him and if I get good enough, drawing him.

37. Do you write about your character?
I will at some point.

38. Does your character have a bad temper at times?
Let's not get started on that again...

39. Does your character get depressed?
He's quiet at times but I wouldn't say depressed.

40. What's your characters favorite animal?
OWLS. They are really cool!

41. Does your character have any fears?

42. Does your character have any weaknesses?
Yes, like I said, h's only human.

43. Does your character look up to anyone?
Not really

44. Does your character like music?

45. What's your character's favorite type of music?
Anything that's NOT jazz.

46. Is he/she impatient?
No, he's incredibly patient.

47. What's something funny about your character?
Nothing really funny...how about interesting? He can name any battle in American history, where it happened, when, why, and who was involved. Dork.

48. Name 5 nicknames
1) Jay
2) Jay-SON
3) Jay-Jay
4) J
5) Kid

49. Does your character curse?
Yup, but not in front of the family.

50. This test is over, what does your character have to say?
Jay: ...

Now to be answered by Jay himself

A - Available?: Maybe...
A - Age: 15
A - Annoyance: Mud

B - Best Friends: Josh, Craig, Jason numbah 2
B - Bar: I'm not allowed in them. Too young. I don't drink anyway.
B - Birthday?: May 6
C - Crush: No one
C - Car: I don't drive yet.
C - Cat: I'm not really fond o them.

D - Dead Pets Name: Cassie, a little baby bird I found
D - Dad's Name: Seymour...well technically it's Orin but I didn't know the guy.
D - Dog: Hopper

E - Easiest person to talk to: Connor or Susie, my brother and sister.
E - Eggs: Are ok.
E - Email: What is that?

F - Favorite color?: Blue
F - Food: Chex Mix
F - Foreign Slang: I don't know any really.

G - Gummy Bears or Worms?: Worms
G - God: Eh...
G - Good Times: Any time can be a good time

H - Hair Color: Brown
H - Height: 5'7"
H - Happy: For the most part I guess.

I - Ice Cream: Chocolate
I - Instrument: I have some drumsticks lying around but I don't use. Never had a lesson.
I - Idol: I don't know...

J - Jewelry: Not my thing.
J - Job: I'm lookin' for one.
J - Jokes: Any kind. Comedy is just my favorite thing.

K - Kids: What about them?
K - Karate: I'm not good at it.
K - Kung Fu: Same as karate

L - Love: Is nice.
L - Longest Car Ride: Not far, maybe to the beach.
L - Lipstick or Chapstick: Neither

M - Milk Flavor: Chocolate
M - Mothers Name: Audrey
M - Movie Last Watched: I don't remember.

N - Number of Siblings: 2
N - Northern or Southern: Northern.
N - Name: Jason Krelborn

O - One Wish: To have known my biological father though my Dad seems to get touchy about it when I bring him up...mom too.
O - One Phobia: I can't really think of anything
O - Otter Pop: Huh? That sounds funny.

P - Parents, are they married or divorced: Depends on the parents. The ones I live with are married, biological father, Orin, never married my mom 'cause you know...he died and stuff.
P - Part of your appearance you like best: Eyes. Just like mom's.
P - Part of your Personality you like best: I don't know.

Q - Quick or Slow?: Quick
Q - Queer or Straight?: Straight
Q - Queen or King?: President

R - Reason to smile: Running.
R - Reality TV Show: Sounds stupid.
R - Right or Left: Ambidextrous

S - Song Last Heard: I don't remember
S - Season: Autumn, it's my favorite season.
S - Series: Comic series? I like comics...

T - Time you woke up: 7:35 AM
T - Time Now: 1:09 PM
T - Time for bed: Ummm...well, I'm in my room at 9:15 like Mom and Dad say so but I usually don't fall asleep that early.

U - Unknown: Can't stay unknown for long.
U - Unicorns: That's girly stuff...I kind of like them.
U - You are?: A boy. Myself. Jason, Jay. Whatever it is I'm me.

V - Vegetable you hate: Celery
V - Vegetable you love: I dunno.
V - View on Politics: Interesting. Extremely interesting. I love politics actually. Wouldn't want to be a politician but...still interesting.

W- Worst Habit: Taking stuff apart without asking.
W- Where are you going to travel next: Ummm...bathroom probably. Gotta take a piss.
W- What's up?:  The Sky

X-Ray: For broken bones
X - X-Rated: Not aupposed to watch stuff like that.
X - XYZ: Now we know our A, B, C's

Y - Year you were born: 1963 In a hospital of course.
Y - Year it is now?: 1978
Y - Yellow: I'm not a fan of it.

Z - Zoo Animal: Owls! They're just so cool!
Z - Zodiac: Taurus in the western one and I think...rabbit for the chinese one.
Z - Zoolander?: What the hell is that?

Knife Wrench
Nerdork posted d'is thing about getting to know people and I have time and a whopping amount of boredom stored up so it's answer time!

1. first name
Anneliese, very GERMAN. I think it means grace or something. Ha...HAHA. Ok I'm done.

2. age
17, but I shall be 18 in less than a month. December 19! Go me! Don't go being an adult! Blah...

3. location
NEW JERSEY. Densely populated and glorious. As much as people complain I do like it here...apart from the taxes because people are always moaning about the taxes.

4. occupation
I am a jobless hobo. I thought you guys knew...I guess SCHOOL is my occupation for the time being.

5. partner
Single and ok with that.

6. kids
What about them? I don't have any if that's what you mean.

7. brothers/sisters
I'm an only child. That's why I make up so many characters in my head. I need someone to talk to when I'm sitting around the house by myself. I don't really mind it though. Though it is annoying that anything that goes wrong is instantly your fault by default. I don't do anything half the time!

8. pets
None at the moment but I've had a fair share of pets through the years. Multiple fish including Sniz and Fondue the goldfish and Spike the shark (well, not like a SHARK SHARK). Then there were the hampsters. Herman who was a girl. Duke and Jitters who we thought were both males until Jitters hade Duke's babies XD Herman, Duke, and Jitters are buried in the back yard. We sold the babies YEARS ago and they're probably dead. Also, lost my rottweiler, Karma...gosh a while go...over a year now. I miss you :c

9. 3-5 biggest things going on right now

2) Keeping up my grades because dammit I need to get into college!
3) Working on my writing. I've been feeling more and more compelled to write. Got like...4 stories buzzing around my head. One of which is being edited and revised on my computer, another that is still being written in a notebook, and the other 2 which are just developing in my brain.

10. parents
Married and grouchy a decent amount of the time. Love them though and we get along a good amount of the time. Gotta live with them for a few more months which will be fine. Like I said before I do love them. But it'll be nice to get away...

11. closest friends
I luff all my friends D:

Story Trade Slots:

1) Darkmistyday (request pending)

Knife Wrench
This journal entry has no point much like my other entries because...well because I don't have much to think of at the moment. I'm busy with college and grades and all that fun stuff which is tiring and drains me of any real desire to be creative. It's aggrivating.

However! I'm not mad or anything. I'm actually rather happy. I'm working on my dad's christmas present which is putting his ENTIRE CD collection onto the MP3 player he got. He's got a lot of CDs and this is going to take some serious time. Got 509 songs on yesterday and that's not even halp way through. Well, at least I get to listen to music as I do it. Ray Charles= <3

But anyway, I'm still open for story trades. Even though I'm working on other stories as it is. Need to practice mah writing! Speaking of which I got a 94% on an essay I wrote. Go me! I'm actually decent at writing!

1. Darkmistyday (tell me what you want gosh darnit!!!)

I'm feeling rather me today. Got to hang out with DG/Jill/Whatever you wish to call her which was funtastic since we don't hang out often. And ummmmm....I also just had some soup. Which is nice...and soup-tastic.

I'm also a bit tired. Sat up the other night and worked on a story that I intend to put up eventually. It involves random Broadway Kevin goodness. It's taking me a while because there's making out which I can't write worth to shits so there's much revising and drafting and thinking in general. Hopefully, I'll be able to get it to sound halfway decent. At least the whole story isn't that. Actually the story itself is a bit of a joke with myself XD But anyways...

I'm also working on a draft of another story for my OC Diana and some news she gets....and not the best kind.

ALSO! I applied to 2 colleges. What the shazbats Batman! Hoping that works out for the best. *crosses fingers*

ALSO ALSO! Story Trade slots are still open!!!!!!! C'mon people! I want to write stuff, but I need ideas! It don't cost money.Just a little creativity on your part which will be rewarded with creativity on my part as well. It's a win win!

1. Darkmistyday (don't know what I'm writing yet. she hasn't requested anything XD)

6 Word Stories
Knife Wrench

Well, I saw the news from LJ and remembered an assignment I had earlier this year in english. We had to write 6 words stories, so in the spirit of that I'm going to show you some that I came up with.

Oh, but before I start let me say that this is all for Ernest Hemingway and his amazing 6 word story. "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." Leaves a lot to the imagination don't it? That's what I love about them.

Ok, now onto mine.

Matches. Gasoline. Free time. Oh boy!
Running fast. Running, running no more.
What a day. Time for sleep.
Happy day. Sad day. Your day.
Goodbye my pain. Good by at last.
Hot summer day. Cool refreshing lake.
So much noise. No more noise.
In my mind. Upon the paper.
Let go. Please, let go now.
Help me! Oh god! Help me!
"Do you play?" "Yes, I do."
You can breathe...for a while.
Get out of my way, now.
I have had enough of you.
No rights. There are only rewards.
That was quick. What a surprise.
Oh yeah, she totally does that.
You may me so confused. Why?
Shut your mouth. Shut it now.
"Does it hurt?" "Oh, hell yeah."
I know what I'm doing...sorta.
Not your day and never again.
If that thing moves, medicate it.
Then one of them was purple.
Oh god, it itches so bad.
Something in me is not right.
Dust it off. Use it well.
What the hell is that thing?
We made a wrong turn somewhere.
Chop it off. No more pain.
You'll be seeing more of me.
What? I thought it was funny.
I do not want to see.
Get it out of your system.
You'll see. You will all see.
Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Gone.
I can write six word stories.

So, does anyone want to have a go? They're wuite fun.


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